Clinical Research Details

Precision Cancer Survivorship Cohort

Study Description

People diagnosed with cancer frequently experience long-term health conditions earlier in life when compared to their non-cancer peers; many of these long-term conditions are typically seen among those who are significantly older in age.

This study will collect information about how participants' age and their access to health care from two surveys over two years, as well as a one-time sample of saliva, to analyze a biologic marker of aging. We will use this information to understand how cancer survivors age and access health care.

The study consists of a survey now and in one year and an optional submission of a saliva sample for analysis. The survey asks about participants' cancer diagnosis and treatment, wellbeing, concerns related to reproductive health, quality of life, and experience with care. No sensitive information will be collected. Those who submit saliva specimens will have their telomere length measured. Telomeres are located at the end of your DNA and protect your chromosomes, similar to plastic tips at the end of shoelaces. Telomere length can be used to measure the aging of our cells.

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria


  1. Age ≥ 18 years
  2. Diagnosed with any invasive malignancy (as defined by the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries)


  1. Non-participation in the OneFlorida Data Trust
  2. Age < 18 years
  3. Diagnosis with a non-invasive or non-reportable cancer

Open Enrollment

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