Annual HIV Conference

Center for HIV/AIDS Research, Education and Service (UF CARES)

The University of Florida Center for HIV/AIDS Research, Education and Service (UF CARES) has been a pioneer in organizing HIV and Infectious Diseases Annual Conferences since 1997. Conferences over the years have covered wide range of topics. These topics have included HIV/AIDS and co-morbidities, opportunistic infections (such as Hepatitis and Tuberculosis), innovative approaches to healthcare (such as Telemedicine), sexually transmitted infections, mental health, substance abuse, cultural competency, stigma, ethical and legal issues, as well as applying research findings into practice with a special emphasis on comprehensive healthcare provided to the most affected populations which includes racial and ethnic minorities.

The target audience of our conferences include health care providers (physicians, advance practice nurses, and physician assistants), pharmacists, mental health providers, nurses, case managers and others in the public health workforce.

Information about the 26th Annual Infectious Diseases and HIV Conference of Northeast Florida will be coming soon.