Medication Tips

Jacksonville Health and Transition Services (JaxHATS)

Nobody likes taking medicine, but sometimes they are necessary. Lots of people, young and old, find it difficult to remember to take them. Here are some handy hints to try and help.

Remembering to take them!

  • Keep track with a chart on your bedroom wall or a calendar
  • Ask someone to help you remember
  • Have a “Don’t forget” sticker on the mirror to remind you

Taking them on time!

  • Take them around a daily activity like brushing your teeth or with meals
  • Set your watch or pager or phone to remind you! Don't miss doses!
  • Plan ahead – make sure you have a drink close by so you can take tablets.
  • Have a bottle or pill box you take when you go out – don’t forget to fill it up!
  • Don’t forget to order your repeat prescriptions at your GP surgery

If you are having problems with your medicine or are worried about their side effects

  • DO discuss it with your doctor or nurse care coordinator – you never know – they may be able to reassure you or offer a solution or even an alternative.