Jacksonville Health and Transition Services (JaxHATS)

"Start with the end in mind."

We believe the most important visit to the JaxHATS clinic is your final visit when you officially transfer to the adult health care system. The clinic is here to help teens and young adults transition from child-centered to adult-centered health care. That's why we look forward to the day when we can wish you well as you move on to adult-oriented health care, higher education, work and independent living.

In the meantime, we want to make sure that your visit is a good one. Whether you are here for an assessment, medical care, or help with the process of transitioning to an adult-oriented health care provider, we will work with you to make sure that you get the best care possible and find the answers that you need.

The Paperwork

You didn't think we'd let you in without filling out a few forms did you? Please take a moment to fill out the admission forms, the clinic staff will need to see these on or before your first visit. If you don't have the forms, you can download the forms and print them here. If you don't fill out the forms in advance, you can do it at your first visit to the clinic. Just be prepared to wait longer. Wouldn't you rather fill out the forms in the comfort of your own home?

What We Do

We work with young people who want a safe and confidential place to discuss their ideas and concerns about the personal, physical and social changes they experience during the transition to adulthood, particularly the transition from child-centered to adult-centered health care.

We support you to speak confidently about your own needs and to gain independence in managing own health care. We offer opportunities to learn about creating friends and social groups, continuing your education and vocational planning, recreational activities and making choices that improve, not limit, a healthy life. We assist you to explore your feelings and beliefs about yourself, sexuality, healthy relationships, contraception, pregnancy options, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), safety and the impact of an illness or disability on sexuality. We also offer referrals to other professionals and resources.

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