For Youth and Families

Jacksonville Health and Transition Services (JaxHATS)

This section provides quick answers to common questions and clues you into the "first steps" of getting services at JaxHATS.

You may be wondering:

If you have not contacted JaxHATS yet:

Before you go any further, we ask that you contact us so we can make an appointment for a clinic visit or give you further instructions on what you need to do next. Please call us at (904) 244-9233.

If you have already contacted JaxHATS by phone:

  1. Go through the orientation on this web site.
  2. Fill out the forms that were mailed or given to you at the clinic. If you do not have the forms, you can download and print them from the forms page.
  3. Call (904) 244-9233 to make an appointment for a clinic visit.

Additional Information

Read through the FAQs section for helpful information about the JaxHATS clinic. Also, be sure to browse the following sections of this web site for specific information and resources: