Goals and Objectives

Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship

The educational goal of the pediatric hospital medicine fellowship is to prepare qualified physicians for a career in pediatric hospital medicine. Upon completion of this program, trainees will be board eligible for the American Board of Pediatrics, sub-board of pediatric hospital medicine. At the conclusion of their training, fellows will be able to:

  • Provide high value care in the clinical management of previously healthy children and children with medical complexity hospitalized with acute and chronic illnesses in diverse hospital settings;
  • Collaborate with families and other members of the healthcare team including nurses, respiratory therapists, surgeons, and other sub-specialists as the attending of record and as consultants;
  • Improve systems of care in which they work using quality improvement methodology;
  • Generate new knowledge through clinical research and educational scholarship;
  • Be competent in teaching a variety of audiences, including learners in training, peers, general pediatricians, nurses and other hospital staff, families and patients.